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YB-E Double Pump

YB-E Double Pump
Product name : YB-E Double Pump
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On the basis of making reference to the overseas congener product, we improve it and design YB——E series vane pump. We adopt mother-son vane to ensure vane will bring the best pressure to the stator when the vane work. The curve of stator is the new low noise. The primary steel piece is high grade alloy and treat with nitrification. The casting is high strength and withstand abrading. This series have single pump, double pump, 10 series, 65 specifications. The scope of displacement is 8——200ml/r. The nominal pressure is 16Mpa. The highest pressure instantaneous 17.5Mpa. The scope of speed is 600——1800r/min. There are two connection dimension: one is the metric system, and other is accordant with international standard which could be changed with production at home and abroad
    The advantages of this series pump are special process, long lives, easy maintenance, good performance, low noise and so on. They are fit for using in middle pressure and high pressure equipments, such as industry, machinery, engineering machinery, machine tool, shipping, car, traffic transportation, metallurgy mine. There is a big choice in this series vane pump. Customers could choose and order according to their needs.

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