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SQP series single pump

SQP series single pump
Product name : SQP series single pump
Item :
Details :
                             SQP SERIES VANE PUMPS
                                                                                              -----Low noise intra-vane pump meet industrial application
      SQP series high pressure and performance intra-vane pumps meet low noise working condition. It is fit for Plastics Machine, casting machine, machine tool, engineering machine and so on. Its main features:
     1、Using V series intra-vane pump cartridge kits, transform completely and using more flexible. 
     2、Adding the design of attenuation pulsation structural, reduce the pulsation of pressure greatly; make the noise lower, the acoustics smoothly.
     3、Using thicken covering design, it improves intensity and aseismatic performance of pump, and mute performance become more advantageous.

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