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SQP series double pump

SQP series double pump
Product name : SQP series double pump
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Application and maintenance

Hydraulic fluid
  Antiwear hydraulic oil with viscosity range 32-68cSt temperature 32-68cSt or the crankcase oil of car with sign SC、  SD、SE or SF is recommended. Recommended viscosity under the rated speed and pressure:
            Min viscosity 13cSt   Max viscosity 54cSt
            Min temperature 49℃ Max Temperature 65℃

Cold start
Working in the range 860 to 54sCt with the SAE 10W oil, the speed and pressure should be limited in 50% rated speed and pressure until the systems become warm. Please make all the system include distant vat and motor to be warm, when starting under the oil viscosity 860cSt.

●Operation in high temperature
The viscosity should be higher than 13sCt, the temperature should be lower than
99when operating in the high temperature. Because the expected life of core components and seal will be shorten.

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